AS4775 Australian StandardThe Australian Standard ® AS4775 specifies the minimum performance and use requirements for eyewash and safety shower equipment for the emergency treatment of the eyes or body of a person who has been exposed to materials which may cause injuries.

The Standard was prepared in response to requests from manufacturers and suppliers of these products, as well as industry in general.

This Standard is largely based on, but not identical to ANSI Z358.1—2009, Emergency eyewash and shower equipment. Apart from terminology and layout differences, changes were made to address the specific needs of Australian applications, and integrate with other Australian Standards. The main differences are as follows:

(a) Inclusion of guidance on dimensional constraints for disabled access.
(b) Inclusion of guidance on local materials for plumbing components.
(c) Inclusion of guidance on good design and manufacture.

AS4775 – 2007 covers the following types of equipment:

(a) Emergency shower equipment.
(b) Eyewash equipment.
(c) Eye/face wash equipment.
(d) Combination shower and eyewash or eye/face wash equipment.
(e) Facilities for disabled persons.

AS4775 also includes performance and use requirements for the following supplemental equipment:

(i) Drench hoses.
(ii) Self-contained (portable) equipment.

Large-scale multispray shower equipment, of the type used in major emergency response or
military applications, are outside the scope of this Standard.

Where eyewash units are included in combination with such equipment, these eyewash units
are within the scope of this Standard.

AS4775 Objectives:

The objective of this Standard is to provide uniform minimum requirements for equipment
performance, installation, use, maintenance and training of users, along with relevant test procedures.

There are more than 3,000 dangerous goods scheduled in the Australian Dangerous Goods Code.

Whether they be acids, alkalis, solvents, waxes, peroxides, poisons or hot materials, they represent a risk, not only in fire situations, but in everyday handling, packing, transporting and using. Emergency showers are an essential adjunct to any handling or storing situation and they are called up in a number of Australian Standards. Safety showers and eyewash units are needed for decontamination, corrosive splash and burn victims. There are many examples.

When it comes to keeping your workforce safe, AS4775 is regarded as a key resource for safety regulations. Of even greater concern is the health and safety of employees that may unnecessarily be in harm’s way if proper precautions are not in place. To ensure you are meeting the necessary requirements, review the entire AS4775 Australian Standard in detail.