Avoid OSHA Safety Violations and Fines …

Simply Providing a Safety Shower
and Eye Wash is Not Enough
Saftet shower hazardous Signs

Discover Critical Information
on ANSI Z358.1 2014 Compliance !

Ensure you don’t receive a Financial Penalty for non-compliance as OSHA penalties have Increased Significantly by 80% from
1st August 2016 !


For Example: A penalty for a willful violation has risen from $70,000 to $127,000 


Now is the time to be ANSI Z358.1 2014 compliant, as significant safety shower and eye wash changes are immediately required

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These safety shower and eye wash changes are immediately required


The temperature range for tepid water delivery

Simultaneous use and the minimum flow rate

Testing requirements and staying compliant…


In addition, you must ensure that workplace safety programs are meeting appropriate standards. 

This Safety Shower and Eye Wash Guide will help you 
avoid the legal and financial implications of not complying with ANSI Z358.1 2014 in relation to safety showers and eye wash units.

Safety Shower Guide

You will be able to instantly download this guide in PDF format

The Guide includes a Checklist 
and Safety Survey as well as providing details on the requirements for Emergency Safety Shower and Eye Wash Stations.

What employers are required to provide in eye wash and safety shower stations by OSHA and, how to comply with ANSI Z358.1 – 2014.




In addition, this Guide to ANSI Z358.1-2014 includes information on….



tick2Safety audits:

    • Assigning responsibility
    • Emergency preparedness
    • Hazardous substance control program (Page 7)

Important emergency safety shower & eye wash questions answered:

      •  What is considered a flushing liquid ? – (see page 10) 
      •  How long should contacted area be rinsed/flushed ?
      •  What type of equipment to install ? – (see page 11)
      •  What specifications should equipment meet ?
      •  Where should emergency equipment be located? –  (see page 13)
      •  What temperature should the water be ? – (see page 14)
      •  Examples of some areas where equipment should be located
      •  When should equipment be inspected ?

How the ANZI Z358.1- 2014 law applies in the United States


      • Plus information on Australia,  Canada and the UK.

“The first 10 seconds after exposure to a hazardous substance,

especially a corrosive substance, are critical


ANSI Z358.1 – 2014 Compliance Checklist:

      • Location – (see page 21)
      • Laboratory environments
      • Water temperature
      • Disposal of water
      • Emergency shower checklist – (see page 23)
      • Eye and face washes
      • Drench hose units

Selecting the appropriate emergency safety shower and/or eye wash unit:

      • Summary of the key points in the Standard

“There’s no price tag on the loss of vision or pain and suffering

associated with eye and other corrosive splash injuries”


Training to use Eye Wash and Emergency Safety Shower facilities:

      •  What type of training should workers receive ?
      •  Proper use of eyewash and safety shower facilities

Guides to locate eye wash and emergency shower facilities: – (see page 30)


Maintaining eyewash and emergency shower facilities:  -(see page 32)

      • Observations and corrective action
Regular testing and maintenance program:- (see page 33)
      • Checking, Cleaning safety showers and eye wash units weekly and annually etc

Eye injuries:

      • Ways to prevent eye injuries at work: – (see page 38)
      • Appropriate personal protective equipment: – (see page 40)
      • Eye and face protection
      • Hazard Protection

“…where the eyes or body of any person may be exposed to injurious corrosive materials, suitable facilities for quick drenching or flushing of the eyes and body shall be provided within the work area for immediate emergency use”


Signs and Tags:-  (see page 45)

      •  Danger, caution and safety signs, etc

Safety Signs – suggestions for conducting an audit:- (see page 46)



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